Just Tom

This afternoon, in the middle of the Haarlemmerstraat, a man played the guitar. Quite a few people stopped to listen, and, naturally, I joined them. He played a version of ‘Hallelujah’ that, while perhaps not the most original choice, was sufficient to bring absolute silence to the busy street full of Sunday shoppers.

I bought his CD, of course. So did a lot of other people.

But then one older man went up to him. Said he was going to call the police. Said the 20 minute mini concert had caused too much noise. One man and his guitar. A whole group of those who had listened went up to help and defend the musician. I didn’t know whether to be sad, because of the bitterness exhibited by one man, or happy, because of the solidarity and friendliness shown by so many others.

So I walked home.

Just Tom in Leiden

Check out the artist here: http://www.justtom.net

PS News about my lovely new nest soon! Spoiler: I now have a hammock in my living room. Yes!

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